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A Message from Pastor Hoffman

1712 PrH advent 0631


The Art of Waiting & Watching

To wait – this is probably the most difficult verb in all of the English language. No one likes to wait – for anything. Waiting whether in line at the grocery store, at the gas pump, in traffic, on hold with whatever company you are trying to call, it feels like a waste of time. Waiting, it is rarely fun.

No wonder we have the tendency to rush through the short season of Advent. It asks us to be still and attentive when a dozen other things are demanding our attention.

I know that there are a million things to do in the next 24 days, my own to-do list is a mile long as well, but I encourage all of us to find, and if necessary, to make time each day to be still. Practice the art of waiting and watching. It doesn’t have to be for an hour – five or ten minutes will do.

Just wait.

No multi-tasking allowed. Let the stillness of waiting speak into the busyness that will still be there when you are done. Wait and see – for if we do not practice looking for God in the stillness of life, we will surely miss God in the hectic activity of life.

Have a blessed Advent.




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