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Pastor Lydia is on sabbatical through October. Learn about Water & Wilderness Sabbatical Opportunities for St. Mark!
You can also follow her blog at www.takeyourmatandwalk.blogspot.com.

A Word From Our Pastor

Thanks for stopping in! St. Mark is a Jesus-following, music-loving, peace-seeking intergenerational suburban congregation.  We live out our mission to "share Christ with joy" by identifying and releasing our gifts - food, talents, music - for the good of our neighbors. We are blessed to be part of God's mission in Greater Hartford for the last 130+ years.

St. Mark strives to be a community that practices grace and radical hospitality, but we are definitely a work in progress!  Especially as we adjust to proclaim and embody God's word of peace in ways that resonate - and challenge! - our 21st century hyper-paced, consumerist way of life.  We are eager to learn and explore with you what it means to follow Jesus in these busy and often divisive times.

This year's church theme is “Water and Wilderness,” inspired by the ways God’s people were formed and brought closer to God - particularly during the forty years that the Israelites spent wandering in the desert between the Red Sea and the Jordan River. I will personally explore this theme during my sabbatical between August - October 2015 that will take me to Glacier Bay, Alaska, and to liturgical studies at the ancient abbey of Iona, Scotland.  I will return to St. Mark for All Saints' Sunday on Nov. 1.  You can follow me for some of my water and wilderness sabbatical adventures at my blog: takeyourmatandwalk

I hope you can join the people of St. Mark in their reflecting, questioning, pondering, serving, and rejoicing in the renewing work of Jesus.  Thanks again for stopping by!

In Christ,

Pastor Lydia


  • Join St. Mark and UCONN Puppet Arts Program in a workshop and performance! Saturday, 10/24, 1 PM for the workshop and 6:30 PM for the performance! All are welcome!!
  • October is Clergy Appreciation Month. You’re Always There for Me A pastor plays the role of a rescuer in our life. This pastor poem exemplifies the idea of a pastor as a savior: When the world comes crashing in And chaos rules my mind, I turn my heart to you, Lord, And pure, sweet peace I find. You lift me out of trouble You comfort me in pain; You nourish, heal and cleanse me, Like cool, refreshing rain. In times of joy and bliss, When things are going right, You lift me even higher, And fill me with delight. You listen to my prayers; You hear my every plea; I’m safe because I know You’re always there for me. By Joanna Fuchs

scripsRaise funds for Mission work

Buy gift cards for things you already spend money on. You can download an order form and use the enrollment code: L9134DFL32694. You can also contact Linda O. for more information.

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Interested in helping to prepare meals and/or
spend the night at the MACC Shelter? Contact Julie Thompson.


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