Quotes From Our Members

"When I made the decision four years ago to join the Lutheran church, I had opportunities to visit other Lutheran churches in the area. I visited St. Mark several times. Although I do not recall being approached as a visitor, I was impressed by the love the congregation showed one another. It called to mind Jesus instructions to the apostles " Love one another as I have loved you". Now , four years later I know that love and enjoy the comfort of my church family. I join with my brothers and sisters in extending this love to our community and the world through MACC and other evangelical efforts."

"So, you asked why I love St. Mark? I love it because it's a compassionate community. It's a group of people who care, who try to do God's work and follow his commands -- but who make mistakes. Nobody's perfect, and nobody expects me to be, either. When we work together we do a lot to help others. And I appreciate that there's always someone to support me when I'm struggling. I've made wonderful friends here, and I've learned the true meaning of "faith journey." You don't have to be a "true believer" to walk through the door and be welcome. We provide a place to hear the word of God, and grow in understanding. In good times and bad, it's the place I belong on Sunday mornings (and many other times throughout the week, too!)."

"We didn't attend church very much, mostly holidays. We always had the typical Sunday morning arguments with the kids; they didn't want to go. We never felt part of the community at the churches we attended. Our teenage son started coming to St Mark's with his friends. One Easter he refused to go to church with us because he wanted to go to 'his' church. That's when we decided to come and find out what drew him in. We were recognized as a new family and were made to feel welcomed right from that first Sunday. The sermons are interesting and connected to every day life. We've made lots of friends and St Mark's is now a big part of our life, not just someplace to go on Sundays and holidays because you should. This is a place where everyone knows you and makes you feel like you're part of a bigger family."

"There are many reasons to like St. Mark's. I have attended many churches throughout the years and St. Mark's is really the only one that has caused me to want to get up on Sunday morning and attend service. It is wonderful to be able to look around the church on Sunday and see familiar faces of people that I know by name. I have found a spiritual home at St. Mark's that I honestly never had before. Although made up of various personalities, I know that we are all there for a common purpose....to share in the love of Jesus as a community, to share fellowship, to reach out to the community outside St. Mark and try to make a difference, and to slow down the pace of life and maybe be at peace, even if it is just for a little while. I love the fact that Lutherans sing....they love to sing and sing and sing. Music lifts the spirit and I love that it is such a big part of our service. The biggest thing I like about St. Mark's though is that it's close to my home and a short drive to get there. ;-) OK, that's not really the biggest reason...it's the food!!!"

"St. Mark was a life saver to me! Moving to a new state is always stressful and the thought of finding a new church even more so. From the very first service I attended, I knew that St. Mark would be my new home! I was greeted by so many friendly members who quickly recognized that I was new and they made me feel so comfortable immediately. In the last 5 years, all of the staff and congregation members have been so helpful to me in healing some very difficult life situations and I honestly don't know what I would have done without them. Praise the LORD!"

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