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During the winter you will note an orange traffic cone located on the sidewalk at the rear of the sanctuary. That is because with freezing and thawing cycles throughout the winter we can not guarantee that the sidewalk will be ice free; Hence, the traffic cone blocking the sidewalk. Please refrain from using the Education Wing door for the winter.

We know everyone is happy that the heat is back! If you are responsible for an event, please be sure that at the end of the event, the heat is turned down and the lights are turned off.

The Committee has decided that their winter project will be to paint the Nursery in the Education Wing. We believe that it will be the first time this room has been painted since the Wing was built in 1995.

What does Property Committee do?

  • Oversight of the Church Sexton’s activities
  • Performing minor repairs when one of the committee members has the required skills
  • Organizing spring and fall work days to care for church grounds & building
  • Determining when capital equipment improvements or replacements are needed, & providing the Congregation Council  recommendations & cost estimates
  • Coordinating the selection of outside contractors to perform tasks beyond skills of Congregation members
  • Coordinating the use of St. Mark facilities by community organizations
  • Coordinating risk management & appropriate insurance coverage

The Committee has been extremely busy the last few years, in large part due to the generosity of the Congregation.  Our biggest recent focus was on renovating the parsonage in preparation for Pastor Hoffman's arrival.

  • Replaced the original wood windows (circa. 1938) in the parsonage (Figure 1)
  • Updated the parsonage kitchen with new cabinetry, some of which also dated back to 1938 (Figure 2)
  • Replaced the disintegrating rear walk-way (Figure 3)
  • Restored the crumbling sun room foundation and replaced screens with combination windows (Figure 4)
  • Coordinated painting of the entire parsonage interior by members of the congregation
  • Created a laundry room on the first floor

Looking forward, the Committee has identified over $55,000 in capital projects that we would like to accomplish by 2021, beginning with the replacement of deteriorated cedar siding on the sanctuary and roof shingles above the sanctuary. 

Property Fig 1a

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