What does Property Committee do?

  • Oversight of the Church Sexton’s activities
  • Performing minor repairs when one of the committee members has the required skills
  • Organizing spring and fall work days to care for church grounds & building
  • Determining when capital equipment improvements or replacements are needed, & providing the Congregation Council  recommendations & cost estimates
  • Coordinating the selection of outside contractors to perform tasks beyond skills of Congregation members
  • Coordinating the use of St. Mark facilities by community organizations
  • Coordinating risk management & appropriate insurance coverage

 Property Pics

The Property Committee completed four projects this summer, 2020. Unfortunately, only one had been planned. The Home Depot linoleum squares that were installed in the parsonage kitchen in 2000-2001 had begun to split open. They have at long last been replaced with “click” flooring which offers a couple of advantages over traditional flooring materials.

The first unplanned project was a result of a severe wind storm this spring that almost ripped the parsonage front storm door completely off its’ hinges, rendering it unserviceable. A new door has now been installed.

The other two projects were a result of hurricane Isaias. The most dramatic was the damage caused to the red Maple tree behind the parsonage. One of the main limbs came crashing down during the storm, a portion of which landed in Pastor Hoffman’s parking spot (Figure 1). Thank God she was not home at the time or she would now be shopping for a new car... Judging by the appearance of the broken limb something(s) was apparently living in the tree (Figure 2). The other damage occurred to the steeple on the church Hall. Two pieces of siding were blown off and four or five other pieces were loosened, (Figures 3 and 4). Total damage amounted to $1600, of which our insurance company covered $600.









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